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Hello, I have a question about the installation of data files. I have already installed Geant4.11 but i need now the new data file G4EMLOW8.0 to be able to run my example that needs the sigma_elastic_e_elsepa_Z79_muffintin.dat file. I have already download the G4EMLOW8.0.tar.gz and I just need to know how to update the old one (G4EMLOW7.13) or replace it.
Thank you

If you did a G4 install, it “should” (depending on your CMake option settings) have taken care of that for you automatically. Otherwise, you can do it by hand as follows:

  1. Source the script as usual.
  2. Get the value of the $G4LEDATA envvar, which specifies the directory where it’s looking for the G4EMLOW stuff.
  3. cd to the parent directory; for example, if G4LEDATA = /Applications/GEANT4/data/G4EMLOW8.0, then you would cd /Applications/GEANT4/data
  4. Do tar -zxf /path/to/your/G4EMLOW8.0.tar.gz. This will unpack the data into a G4EMLOW8.0 directory, right where G4 is looking for it.

you could also try the commands

geant4-config --check-datasets

to check install status and location, and

geant4-config --install-datasets

to install missing datasets.

You can see how long I’ve been using G4 – I’m still doing stuff the old manual way, not even realizing that there are helpful utilities provided now.

Thanks a lot for your answers but i had to solve my problem quickly yesterday so i reinstalled geant4 with right datasets and everything works. However, your answers could help me for possible future problems.
Thank you and have a nice day.

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