Installing Geant4 for 32 bit, Window-8.1 operating system

Hi, I am Shashi. Currently I am using 32 bit Window-8.1 opearting system.

In my labtop, there is 4GB RAM, I can not use virtula box instead.

Can I run Geant4 on 32bit Window-8.1 operating system?

Tell me old version if not support current version.


We’ve never actually tested/used Windows 8, so all I can suggest is to:

  1. Install the most recent version of Visual Studio that supports Win 8.1 (I think VS 2019 does, but no guarantees). As long as sufficient support for C++17 is available, it may well work with 11.1, but again, no guarantees, especially on 32bit systems.
  2. v10.5.1 is the last for which Windows 7 binaries were built, so if 11.1 does not work, you could try that, and then work forward to find out if any more recent version also works. Once again, no guarantees on functionality.

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