Installing Geant4 v11 with conda

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_Geant4 Version: 11
_Operating System: Ubuntu

Greetings everyone,

I am looking for guidance on installing Geant4 11 using anaconda. Does anyone have a reliable reference that can help me with this process?

I came across the following link:,areas%20of%20application%20include%20high%20energy%2C%20nuclear%20and

And I also followed these steps:

  1. Create a new environment with the name “geant4-11” using the command “conda create -n geant4-11”
  2. Activate the newly created environment using “conda activate geant4-11”
  3. Install Geant4 11 using “conda install -c conda-forge geant4=11”

However, I would appreciate it if someone could verify whether my configuration has been set up correctly.

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I’d suggest trying to build and run the exampleB1 example application against the installation to check and confirm that works. Note that as it looks from that link that version 11.0.3 is being installed by conda, you’ll need to take the source code for that example from that version to guarantee compatibility:

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