InterDosi facilitates the use of Geant4 C++ toolkit for internal dosimetry on voxelized phantoms

Hello everyone,

I have developed an opensource Geant4-based code that allows one to easly establish internal dose studies on voxel-based phantoms.

The code comes with the following features:

  • Allows user to import a 3D model of any existing phantom having a common file format or a well-known structure like as GDML, STL, OBJ and MCNP hexahedra lattice, and convert them to a suitable voxel-based phantom file format accepted by the code.
  • Dosimetric quantities as specific absorbed fraction and absorbed fraction can be calculated in a voxel-based phantom for a given primary particle type which can be gamma, electron, positron, alpha, neutron or proton.
  • Allows user to visualize phantom geometry in two or three dimensions by implicitly calling Geant4 visualization system. Visualization of internal dose heatmap for a given voxel-based phantom can be done either in sagittal, coronal or transversal view.

The beta version of the code can be downloaded freely from:

More info about this project is here:

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