Involving polarization in hadronic decays

I am currently working on simulating the p(K^-,K^+) Xi^- reaction. The K^- beam is not of interest at the moment, so I have only generated K^+ and Xi^- trajectories. I have set the Xi^- decay branching ratio to be 100% (pi-,Lambda) and the Lambda branching ratio to be 100% (pi-,p).
Now, I would like to incorporate differential cross-sections for Xi and Lambda. For example, I want to set the Lambda differential cross-section to be proportional to 1 + a_Lambda * P_Lambda * cos(theta), where P_Lambda is the polarization vector. The polarization vector should be set according to the Xi decay plane. In other words, Lambda, which is defined from the “G4ParticleDefinition” class in Geant4, should preserve the decay plane information of Xi->Lambda pi-.

Is there a way to achieve this?