Ion beam inducted activation of ions with lower energy (10-40MeV)

Hello Everyone,

I am looking to simulate ion beam inducted activation of my target. The objective is to predict when “high energy” ion implantation leads to an activation of the target.

The structure of example rdecay02, which is my starting point, delivers everything that I need. It provides the activated nucleus from the target for a defined particle beam.

I think I must adjust the physics model that is valid for the lower energy range of generic ions. I’m talking about P, Al ,N ,B ions in the energy range of 10-40MeV.

Is there a model available in geant4 that is suitable for this kind of simulation? If so, which physic-list should I be using?

Thank you!

Kind regards,

Constantin Csato


unfortunately, we cannot propose something better than QGSP_BIC_HP_EMZ or QBBC_EMZ (see $G4INSTALL/examples/extended/hadronic/Hadr00) on top of any of these two you add G4RadioactiveDecayPhysics.


Would the G4ScreenedNuclearRecoil and related code, from TestEm8, be useful for this application? We have used that for studies of Pb-210 implantation in crystals.

Hi Mike,

this elastic model is in TestEm7, not in TestEm8. However, I am not sure that for the your case it will bring benefits. I would think that more important to have accurate dEdx and small step size, so would recommend EMZ(option4 EM physics).