Ionized gas as a material?

Is there a way to define a material as an ionized gas in Geant4 (Geant4beamline)? For example to make a gas of hydrogen with +1 charge?

I am using Geant4Beamline to study multiple scattering of electrons passing through a diffuse gas and would like to look at beam-“gas” scattering within a plasma where the ionized electrons have been repelled out of the area near the beam.

This is for a plasma wakefield accelerator study, although I do not want to consider the plasma wakefield effects here, only the contribution of scattering within the plasma bubble.


note, that Geant4beamline is an external software built on top of Geant4. Geant4 itself allows to have various media including ionizing gas but does not have ready to use physics models implementing this physics. Geant4beamline may have more but this question should be adressed to the authors.