Irradiation of a Havar foil and O-18 water

I am simulating the irradiation of a Havar foil and O-18 water with a proton beam. I was able to get accurate results for the reaction yield in GBq/C for the reaction 18O(p,n)18F, however I am interested in predicting activation for the Havar foil as well, which is composed mainly of xXXX, so I would expect the reactions xXXX. I am using the physics list TENDL 1.4 which gave me accurate results for the reaction 18O(p,n)18F as I mentioned. Can anyone help me with a physics list that could give me accurate results to predict the yields of these reactions?

As for the O18 I recommend you to use G4QGSP_BIC_AllHP
You may compare the TENDL cross sections w.r…t experimental ones in JANIS and tell me if you find some discrepancy that is important for your case.
I am working these days in a tool that replaces the Geant4 cross sections with the user’s ones, but it will not be usable before a couple of weeks.

@arce In the case of O18 I am using the same as you mentioned, but for the Havar foil it is not working

To make Geant4 produce the same results as the experimental data it is necessary to modify the Geant4 database for each of the isotopes that is relevant for you.
I am afraid you have to do the work by yourself: for those reactions that can be found in the IAEA medical data base ,Charged-particle cross section database for medical radioisotope production and beam monitor reactions, you can get the tabulated XS, for others you will have to look at the experimental data, from JANIS or EXFOR web, and get an average of the data (unless you can find a source of averaged experimental data, I do not know any)
Provide me simple tables energy-xs or energy-yield and I will produce the new Geant4 database files