Is it OK that solids, logical volumes and physical volumes share a name?

It seems that it is possible that a solid, logical volume and physical volume have the same name. However, I have the impression that sometimes this causes issues, ie I think that appending _lv or _pv to some names has fixed issues in the Qt visualizer, but I am not sure.
My apologies that this is quite vague: I was not able to pin-point the problem (if they even exist), and I could not find anything in the documentation after a quick look… So I thought I’d ask here before diving deeper.
Any clues?

There is no counter-indication in the way solids or volumes are named in Geant4. Names can be shared. It would be however good practice if different solids/volumes are coherently named with unique IDs, so that in the user’s code they can uniquely be retrieved from the stores, if queried by name.

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