Is it possible to get the information of the decay product of RadioactiveDecay process.and how

After I use tracking/verbose 2 ; I see some isotope disappear after the process “Radioactivedecay”. And there was no decay products and secondary particles emmission. for example :slight_smile:

  • G4Track Information: Particle = Mg13, Track ID = 7, Parent ID = 3

Step# X(mm) Y(mm) Z(mm) KinE(MeV) dE(MeV) StepLeng TrackLeng NextVolume ProcName
0 -42.1 -35.9 24.1 0.143 0 0 0 physicgdml initStep
1 -42.1 -35.9 24.1 0.143 0 2.59e-308 2.59e-308 physicgdml RadioactiveDecay

Is it possible to get the information of the decay product of RadioactiveDecay process?

I have read the rdecay01 and rdecay02 examples, but I don t got any idea.

What do you mean by “I see some isotope disappear”? Where are you looking?

In your SteppingAction (or SD), if you look a the step where RDM limited the step, then you should be able to access the secondaries that were created.

In the output log, /tracking/verbose 2 should show the secondaries.

If you have a specific example case where you have used the above, and you still don’t see the secondaries, could you show us?

Sorry I didn’t describe my question clearly. I mean: The SD recorded some isotopes experience the RadioactiveDecay process. But it doesn’t
recorded the emitted particles or decay product. Then how can I contrive to get some information about that.

Is this true of every decay in your job? Or just “some” (a few) decays? Does the SD see “some” of the secondaries, or does it see no secondaries at all?

If it is only “some” events, do you have production cuts set? And did you set the physics-list flag SetApplyCuts()? If you did the latter, then some of the secondaries would have been suppressed if their energy was below the production cut setting.

If it is every event, you may not have “activated” radioactive decay in your geometry. In our simulation, we have a function to do this after we finish building our geometry; we get the RDM process from the GenericIon process manager, and call