Issue with Manually Adding Levels to PhotonEvaporation File

I am trying to simulate neutrons interacting with a NaI detector with version 10.07.00. In order to model neutron capture properly with this material, I have gone into the PhotonEvaporation5.7 data file that contains the level and gamma ray information for de-exciting the residual nucleus after capture (if the PhotonEvaporation model is activated) and manually added levels for Na24 and I128 (the capture products in NaI). It seems that there is a hardcoded limit to the number of levels that one of these files can have (632) in the code which parses the information from these files. There is a section of the code that can resize the vectors that hold the information, but from what I can see that bit of code will never be active given the hardcoded value of 0 for the number of levels when the CreateLevelManager function is called. I have included some bits of the code with illustrations to highlight the issue. I need to have more than 632 levels in my files, so do I just need to change the hardcoded value or am I missing some other aspect of the code?

PhotonEvaporation_Issue.pdf (478.4 KB)


sorry for the late reply. The problem was reported in the Bugzilla 2534 – Hardcoded Limit to Number of Levels in PhotonEvaporation Database Files and is now fixed. The fix will be available in the next public release in June and in the next patch to Geant4 11.1.