Issues with visualization

Hello everyone,
I’m a new user of Geant4. After the installation, I attempted to create my first project by following the instructions from the “Physics Matters” YouTube channel. Everything seems to be working, except for the fact that the initial visualization doesn’t display anything.
After pressing one of the buttons (e.g., “solid”), the figure appears, but with the wireframe setting, you can see that only some outlines are displayed.
I know it might not be a significant issue, but I would like to understand what’s causing it and if there’s a way to resolve it.
Thank you,

Geant4 Version: geant4-11-01-patch-02 (15-June-2023)
Operating System: Pop!_OS 22.04 LTS (64 bit)
Compiler/Version: g++ (Ubuntu 11.4.0-1ubuntu1~22.04) 11.4.0
CMake Version: 3.22.1

Did you try pressing other buttons? In particular the ones with the little blue solids?

Hi Allison,
Yes as I said after pressing the buttons the image is displayed. I was more concerned about the possibility that there might have been an issue with the installation, particularly with qt5, which is causing display problems.
Thank you,

Hi @lorebianco

Assuming you defined visualization in vis.mac,
/vis/viewer/set/style surface

If you want to set colors
/vis/geometry/set/colour logicalVolume depth R G B opacity

re-run your simulation.

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