LET calculation

Hi everyone,
I’m new with Geant4 , I have to calculate Linear Transfer Energy of a flux of protons against a plate , I modified example B1, but I do not have any idea of how to calculate LET. Could someone help me ?
Thank you in advance.

For LET calculation you can use the G4Em Calculator class (http://www.apc.univ-paris7.fr/~franco/g4doxy/html/classG4EmCalculator.html). There you’ll find the function ComputeTotalDEDX(), which the Stopping Power.

The Stopping Power unit is generally MeV/cm. To compute the LET, you need to divide the Stopping Power by the material density, getting then MeV.cm2/mg.

A suggestion is to cross check your results with NIST Stopping Power data, for validation purposes :wink:

Hope it helps.

Thank you so much. I’ll try this suggestion.

Hello, I have found the G4Emcalculator class,but i do not know how to use this class and function to calculate the ions LET in the material. Is there any example can i study? (the “HadrontherapyLet” only calculate the LET of the special particles not the heavy ions)

You may see examples/extended/electromagnetic/TestEm0