Library - G4OpenGL not found

I am trying to build Geant4Py as supplied in environment/g4py

When I get to the make step I get
[ 0%] Linking CXX shared library ld: library not found for -lG4OpenGL clang: error: linker command failed with exit code 1 (use -v to see invocation) make[2]: *** [source/global/] Error 1 make[1]: *** [source/global/CMakeFiles/pyG4global.dir/all] Error 2

I have built geant4

I am on a Mac and tried setting LD_LIBRARY_PATH as would be the case on Linux but does not resolve the situation.
'keithsloan@Keiths-iMac build % ls $LD_LIBRARY_PATH
Geant4-10.6.1 libG4interfaces.dylib
libG4FR.dylib libG4materials.dylib
libG4GMocren.dylib libG4modeling.dylib
libG4OpenGL.dylib libG4parmodels.dylib
libG4RayTracer.dylib libG4particles.dylib
libG4Tree.dylib libG4persistency.dylib
libG4VRML.dylib libG4physicslists.dylib
libG4analysis.dylib libG4processes.dylib
libG4clhep.dylib libG4readout.dylib
libG4digits_hits.dylib libG4run.dylib
libG4error_propagation.dylib libG4track.dylib
libG4event.dylib libG4tracking.dylib
libG4geometry.dylib libG4visHepRep.dylib
libG4gl2ps.dylib libG4visXXX.dylib
libG4global.dylib libG4vis_management.dylib
libG4graphics_reps.dylib libG4zlib.dylib

A build issue with G4Py was fixed in the last patch 10.6.p02. Try it out.