List of G4 internal Material database through NIST

Sorry for the stupid question but I am trying to find the page where I can see the list of materials through NIST data with their G4 codes (e.g. G4_Ta = tantalum material from NIST). And I am unable to find that page.
Can someone please send me the link here so I can look up for some materials?

Thank yo very much.

Thank you very Maire. Sorry for such a stupid question. :slight_smile: have a nice day and weekend.

Is it possible for me to take an element from NIST (e.g. polyethylene : G4_POLYETHYLENE) and just replace its density (0.94 g/cc) to any other desired desity or should I make a complete material by myself like the code:

  density = 1.05*g/cm3;
  G4Material* hdpe = new G4Material(name = "hdpe", density, nel = 2);
  hdpe->AddElement (C,1);
  hdpe->AddElement (H,2);

I know the second method would work but just wanted to know if there is a shortcut like just changing the density for any complicated / composite material from NIST.

Thank you.

Is that list of materials complete? Where is brass in the list of materials? I have specified G4_BRASS as a material, did not get a compile error and the simulation results seemed reasonable.

You won’t get a compiler error. The material name is a string literal, which isn’t evaluated until runtime (C++). “G4_BRASS” is listed on that documentation page (use your browser’s search for “BRASS”).

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