Low energy electron beam through material

Hello All,

I created a simulation of an electron beam through an extremely thin diamond. I am interested in the excitation of electrons in the Bethe-Bloch region. For energies > 500 keV it seems that the ionization (calculated via the Bethe formula) and Bremsstrahlung radiation are dominant. For energies < 500 keV the energy deposit is governed completely by MSC as the output reports, which does not appear at energies>500keV. Is it safe to interpret that these scatters are nucleon scatters, and that these low energy electrons are no longer in the Bethe-Bloch region, and so electron in the material are no longer largely becoming excited? Or is the effect still in place but the nucleon scatters are dominating with respect to step size through the detector and so I am only getting a portion of the reporting of processes?


you misunderstand tracking information. Energy deposition always determined by ionisation process at these energies. Multiple scattering defines only step size.