Low energy electron range

Hello, I’m simulating electrons with an energy of 10-20keV that enter a scintillator, but the electrons don’t seem to enter the material at all at low energies. I tried calculating the range in my material with G4EmCalculator and I get a range of 10 micrometers which is of the same magnitude as the size of my structure.
Does anyone have a solution for this or am I missing something?

Not enough information. In your simulation, where are you launching your particles from? The surface of your volume? Or some point far away from your volume?

If you’re launching from a far away point, what material have you assigned to that outside (usually World) volume? The electrons will interact with that material all the way from the launch point to your scintillator.

Have you tried doing a visualization so you can see whether your geometry is correct and what the particles are doing?

I’m launching the electrons between 0.01-100 micrometers away from a box (250 x 25 x 300 um) of scintillator material.
My world material is G4_Galactic but the distance doesn’t make a difference. In both cases the electrons only seem to touch the surface and then scatter or create optical photons.
I see in my visualization that the electrons only touch the surface at lower energies but if I increase their kinetic energy they go further into the material (but still not as far as expected).
I also tried muons and other charged fermions but I see the same as with the electrons.

This is how my geometry looks like.
There is a layer of PMMA on top and the scintillator box is made out of BC404.

Hi, which physics list do you use? and which is kinetic energy of the electrons?

I’m using G4EmLivermore, G4OpticalPhysics and G4EmStandardPhysics, but your question about my kinetic energy already solved my problem. I was still using setParticleMomentum for my electrons.

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