Low energy EM simulation unexpected stopping

OS: Ubuntu 18.01 on windows 10
Version: Geant4 10.5 p01
Low energy EM physics: Penelope

Hello all,

I’m doing mitigating code about low energy EM electron simulation from geant4 9.4 to geant4 10.5.
The simulation runs in geant4 10.5 through some code fix and works well about electrons below 2.5 MeV.
However, unexpected stopping occurs when the energy range of the simulation exceeds around 3 MeV.

The simulation writes primary particles information (position, momentum and initial energy) and deposited energy on a detector. According to these files, the event started, but no deposited energy recorded.
There are no error messages and keep high CPU usage.

I’m not sure, but I think it is because of the physics list mitigation.
Any ideas about this problem are helpful to fix.



it is not possible to comment, because the problem is definetly not in Geant4 itself but in your application code. You may try $G4INSTALL/examples/extended/electromagnetic/TestEm5

There are several macro files, you may change in macro gamma energy. For any energy the example will work normally. You may check also othe examples.


Mitigation process of my physics list code had mistakes. Thank you for the detailed comment.