Low energy physics question posted during Advanced Geant4 course

I have been listening to some of the videos recorded during the Advanced Geant4 course in Sept. 2020 (unfortunately, I was too late to apply and it was fully booked when I tried to attend). I note that at the end of the talk Day 1 Lecture 3 “Particles and Processes in Geant4” given by Vladimir Ivantchenko a question was posed by a young lady regarding the simulation of secondary electrons from various materials. I am trying to work on similar problems using Geant4, so I think it would be good if I could contact this person. Would it be possible for someone to check the list if attendees and perhaps suggest to me who the questioner was? I think she might be Italian, but that’s just a guess from her accent. The question was posed (audibly, so not in the chat) at about 49 minutes.