Low energy physics

Dear all,
I have some questions about physics processes.
I’m simulating a medical device (gamma knife). I want to calculate a dose distribution (dose profile) in water phantom. I saw that the Electromagnetic option 3 was recommend usage for medical application. But I found that geant4 leksell gamma knife example used Livermore physics processes. I dont know that this process can simulate secondary electron interaction that is good than EM_opt3 in this case or not?
I have tested 3 processes: EM_opt3, Livermore, and penelope. Results in all three cases there is no different in dose profile.
Can anyone help me explain information about above processes? Actually, I have not understood about how to apply physics process for each specific case.
Thank in advance.

Hi, please look at this paper to look at the various physics lists:Report on G4-Med, a Geant4 benchmarking system for medical physics applications developed by the Geant4 Medical Simulation Benchmarking Group - PubMed

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Thank you. I hope I can read it early.