MacOS Sonoma - Namespace SIGNAL Code 6 Abort trap: 6

Hello everyone,

I have the simulation model of linear accelerator and it includes CAD interface (Poole CM et al.) and Phase Space interface (Cortés-Giraldo MA, Capote R et al.). I was normally able to use the model during MacOS Ventura with Xcode 14. Following the MacOS Sonoma upgrade, I installed GEANT4 easily and be able to run the examples of GEANT4 but my simulation model could not be run. While compiling, it gives me some warnings such as “vsprintf is deprecated” but it also gave them while using it in MacOS Ventura. Following the compiling process, it generates executable file to run the simulation. When I try to run it, it begins to invoke the simulation parameters but It suddenly crashes and it is terminated. I really don’t understand what is the problem with it but I guess I could be the ARM processor or rosetta 2 interface.

Basic system prefers at below:

  • Processor: M1 Chip
  • RAM: 16 GB
  • SSD: 256 GB
  • MacOS: Sonoma (14.0) (Homebrew is used for installing necessary libraries of GEANT4)
  • Xcode: Version 15

I would appreciate if anyone has any idea to help me about it. If you need any other information I can provide it.

Thank you in advance,

Which Geant4 version are you using? We’re not aware of issues with building/running on ARM chips with Sonoma/Xcode 15 (there is a bug with Intel chips but appears unrelated).

It’s probably best to rebuild the application and Geant4 in RelWithDebInfo or Debug modes and then run it through lldb to get a better handle on the location of the fault.

Dear bmorgan,

Thank you for taking time to support me.

I am using V. 11.1.2. GEANT4 runs well in Sonoma but my simulation model does not. I will try to rebuild GEANT4 with mentioned feature. I will let you know if I can reach any further infor for it somehow.

Kind regards,