Maximum energy lost per step


is it possible to set maximum energy lost per step for electrons?

for instance, the maximum energy lost per step for electrons (primary or secondary generated by photon interactions) set as a fraction of its kinetic energy.


G4EmParameters* param = G4EmParameters::Instance();
param->SetStepFunction(0.2, 1* mm); //default= 0.1, 100 * um
param->SetStepFunctionMuHad(0.2, 1* mm);
param->SetStepFunctionLightIons(0.2, 100* um);
param->SetStepFunctionIons(0.2, 50* um);

or : /process/eLoss/StepFunction ratio finalRange unit

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hi maire,
thank you for your reply,

could you please introduce a reference for more info and explanation of these Em options?
see energy-range relation

Maybe, there is also few explanations in Geant4 tutorials, but I am not sure …

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