Maybe something wrong in ScoreLET::ProcessHits of chem6

Hello everyone!
The variable fTrackID stores the ID value of non-primary track particles.
However, later in the code, there is a condition where the current ID is checked different with fTrackID (non-primary track particles), and if they are not equal, the program exits. I believe that it should be go ahead.
This seems contradictory to what is stated in the comments of code. I would like to inquire if there is a bug in this part of the code.

Well, I’m not a Geant4 dev, but code seems ok.

Note 1: “if ( smth != var1 && smth2 != var2 )” → “if ( !(smth == var1 || smth2 == var2) )”, so first if might be read as except all primaries or electrons (11 in PDG is e-).

Note 2: fTrackID is class variable. ProcessHits executed on each step.

Note 3: if (!true) … else {} will result in executing the brackets. That’s exactly the second if case

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Thank you so much!
if ( !(smth == var1 || smth2 == var2) ) looks more easier to understand for me.

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