Merging output files (.csv) when operating in MULTITHREAD mode

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_Geant4 Version:_11.1
_Operating System:_Linux
CMake Version:


is there a way to merge directly in GEANT4 the .csv output files each thread produces?
(e.g if I work with 20 threads I’d like only 1 .csv output file and not 20).



Hi @tommasorizzi,

I’m assuming you’re working with G4AnalysisManager for your data output, is that correct? You might already be aware, but from what I can see in the documentation here only merging of .root files is currently supported (Analysis Manager Classes — Book For Application Developers 11.2 documentation).

There may be a way to implement this kind of merging in a Geant4 user-code, but if not the Geant4 source code could be modified to make it possible. But the approach I would take is to output a merged .root file from Geant and then implement a script to write that .root to a .csv. If you’d like any help with this I’d be happy to discuss.