Merging Physics Lists microelec and standardEM

Hello all,

I’m wondering if any users have attempted to merge any standard_emX physics list with the microelectronics physics list. I see that in most of the TestEm applications in electromagnetic have the DNA package, but do not have an add microelec for the PhysicsListMessenger or AddPhysicsList

Does anyone have any advice on how to add microelec to a package built in EM? Is it as simple as moving everything made with ConstructEM() for microelec into ConstructProcess() of an EM package and updating the AddPhysicsList method?

Thanks for your time as this part seems like the most tricky thing and easy to mess up results.

I should clarify when I mean merge, I mean adding microelec as a process to enable silicon in my detector to include those low energy physics models, where other volumes will have other material…


please, try out UI command in PreInit state, when one of EM physics constructors is already instantiated:

/process/em/MicroElecRegion regionName

For example, Have a look into $G4INSTALL/examples/extended/electromagnetic/TestEm8, where PAI model is defined for a volume but you may try using MicroElec.



Thanks for the help there. I think the reason for my confusion is I had built my app out of the microelectronics app rather than out of a TestEM, so I will have to transfer it over.

How can I use the UI command to inactive CoulombScat process only for ions in one region?


sorry for very late answer. We do not have such UI command.