Missing constructor in Geatn4.7 -> Geatn4.11 upgrade


I recently updated from Geant4.10.6 to Geant4.11.1. I work with a framework that runs on Geant4, and in trying to install said framework I’ve discovered that our current code is not compatible with Geant4 11. I’ve been working on fixing our code to be compatible, but I’ve run into a snag I haven’t been able to resolve:

the line
fiberCollection = new FiberHitsCollection(SensitiveDetectorName, m_modNum);
flags due to lack of suitable constructor. FiberHitsCollection is an alias for G4THitsCollection.

I’ve looked through both 10.7 and 11.1 G4THitsCollection.hh files and I can’t find the any missing or changed constructors that would cause this problem (to my mind, at least. I’m somewhat of a novice in c++). Any idea what I’m missing?

Here is a screenshot of the error that 's being thrown: