Missing G4ToolsSG in geant4-config in pre-compiled Geant4.11.1 for Linux

I tried to compile a Geant4 application inside a container, where I downloaded the pre-compiled Geant4.11.1 for Linux. geant4-config --libs does not show -lG4ToolsSG, which results in the error: undefined reference to G4ToolsSGOffscreen::G4ToolsSGOffscreen()` when I tried to use its output to compile the application.

I modified geant4-config as follows:

vis_libs="-lG4Tree \
-lG4FR \
-lG4GMocren \
-lG4visHepRep \
-lG4RayTracer \
-lG4VRML \
-lG4ToolsSG \       <--- This is what I added
-lG4vis_management \

Everything worked fine after that. Could you please check that?



Thanks for the report - that’s indeed a genuine bug, so we’ll fix and it’ll be in the next patch release.

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