Modified G4ChargeExchange model for 9Be(p,n)9B reaction. (source files, maybe it will help someone)


There were several posts about wrong cross section in G4ChargeExchange model link1 link2. I did a modification of G4ChargeExchange model and insert a right cross section for a reaction 9Be(p,n)9B like it was done in that following work [*]. That cross section was taken from CS_data. Here you can find source files which can be used in any your geant4 model. You just need to insert that in your corresponding include and src directory and register physics at file for example:

pl->RegisterPhysics(new G4ChargeExchangePhysics());

If you need to investigate other reaction you just need change a cross section dataset in G4BGGNucleonElasticXS_MOD.hh file. And change if statement to other material in file.

If you find any errors please give a feedback here. I hope that will help someone :wink:. (4.5 KB) (7.3 KB) (7.1 KB) (10.7 KB)

G4BGGNucleonElasticXS_MOD.hh (34.4 KB)
G4ChargeExchangeProcess.hh (4.0 KB)
G4ChargeExchangePhysics.hh (2.3 KB)
G4ChargeExchange.hh (4.0 KB)

Do not forget to install libInterpolate/Interpolate.hpp.

Geant4 Version: 11.1
Operating System: Debian
_CMake Version:_3.8.14


for Geant4 11.2 a new version of the G4ChargeExchange process were introduced, which is based on experimental data for pions and kaons and implementing charge exchange at high energy.

In previous Geant4 releases there was an old version of G4ChargeExchange were there was an attempt implementing also such process for protons and neutrons. The problem there was in double counting of such processes, which simultaneously were sampled in cascade code (Bertini or Binary) and in this G4ChargeExchange, so this was deprecated in 11.2.

To have the reaction of your interest you may try to enable AllHP physics.


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But is there a new cross section for Be9(p, n)9B reaction in the last version? Because the first glance shows that the cross section is different if compare it with ENDF.

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