Modify the Beam Size

Hello, I’ve a positron beam hitting two circular targets having radius 0.75cm
@anna helped me to add the GPS in order to set the beam size, position etc.

Here my (2.9 KB) and B1PrimaryGeneratorAction.hh (2.5 KB)
In the past I made simulations using a 0cm radius of the beam
setting the dimension in my run1.mac in this way

/gps/pos/radius 0 cm

Today I was trying to modify the beam size, but it looks like that results don’t change.

For example, this is a correlation plot between the released energy and hitpoints in the first target setting radius of the beam 0 cm

and this is the same plot setting the radius 0.75cm (ie. the same radius of the target)

/gps/pos/radius 75 mm

you see I get the same plots.

Should I change something else ?

This is the code

Thank you

EDIT: Today I canged the beam typology setting Gaussian beam instead of Mono Energetic and I nociced differences between the results got by the two beams, I thinkt that it means that the GPS function works…so it’s strange that results don’t change enlarging the beam size.

Does anyone know how to solve?
Thank you