MolecularDNA example: Parallelworld physics

Hello All,

I am currently working on the MolecularDNA example and I am trying to incorporate nanoparticles into the simulation. From my understanding, the example code creates a parallel world (DNAWorld) where all the physics processes occur and in real world all Chemical interaction occurs. However, I am unsure of how to properly add the nanoparticles into the parallel world in a way that allows them to participate in photon interactions and produce secondary electrons.

My current approach is to create the nanoparticles as daughter volumes of the world volume in the parallel world, similar to how the DNA volume is created in the example code. I can visualize NPs and DNA worlds when parallel world is activated but I am uncertain if there is interaction with NPs because I got same results and no secondary electrons are generated from NPs volume. I would appreciate any insights or suggestions on how to best incorporate the nanoparticles into the simulation and take advantage of the parallel world concept.

Thank you.


Can you tell me which version of G4 you are using now ? normally if physical models of NPs are well applied, the interactions should be happened in the parallel world. I believe that a good test is testing NPs in real world to see if the physical models of NPs work well?

I am using Geant4/11.1.0 . I used a physics model from the AuNP example. If I deactivate chemistry and run simulations in the real world I can see interaction with NPs and lots of secondaries are produced. But in the parallel world, there is no interaction with NPs.

Thanks for info…! we are working on this.