Multi-threading RAM issue

Hi, I’m trying to use multi-threading with GEANT4. I convert all of my files and it built well without a crash.

But when I tried to give a [/run/beamOn 2500], it stops.
I can’t understansd this phenomenon. Since my original program, using G4RunManager not a G4MTRunManager, successfully did the same order I gave.

For the multi-threading, I made my like this.
– –
G4MTRunManager* runManager = new G4MTRunManager;
runManager -> SetNumberOfThreads(4);

– end of –
Also I used following source codes in src folder


For the malfunction, the whole CPU cores are running about 30-40%, and RAM usages are continuously increased to 100% and stops.

I want to use it multi-threading condition to give 100,000 or over incident beams.
Is my system’s RAM is not sufficient for the GEANT4? I’ll give a specific information of my system below. Or is there are any missing part?

– System’s specification –
Ubuntu 18.04.3, 64bit
GEANT4 10.06
Intel Core i7-8700 (6 Core 12 Thread)
GeForce GTX 1060 6GB

Your symptom indicates memory leak. If you only have 5 classes you wrote (and main()), and given the size of the memory increase was so significant, the source of the leak is likely in your SteppingAction.

So you mean I could do the multi-thread simulation when I handle the memory leak problem?

Then I’ll try to fix it. Thank you for your explanation! :slight_smile: