My introductory presentation about Geant4

A couple of months ago we had a little meeting for particle transport Monte Carlo users in Finland. We had a bunch of representatives from several simulation packages, and I ended up being the Geant4 representative. The LibreOffice presentation is available here (please use LibreOffice to open it, it contains some animations etc, and otherwise some slides will look like a dog’s breakfast). It was a nice opportunity to go through the whole of Geant4 (except the physics models, some day I will get around reading more in detail…) and learn new things. Maybe someone is interested in looking at things from a different perspective (that of a software developer), and I would appreciate your feedback, since I would be surprised if there were no errors or misunderstandings. I thought that all in all I sold Geant4 pretty well!

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Hi Sergio,
I congratulate you for such a nice promotion of Geant4. Indeed this is very powerful over other Monte Carlo software. I am not in a developer team of this great factory of G4 but I utilize it very well to develop the state of art detection systems. What kind of Physics cases you are interested in?
Ciao and have a great time ahead. :slight_smile:

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