Need a formula in nuclear physics

How to convert the energy deposited by a source into a concentration or activity?

Not enough information. “Activity” is a counting quantity – number of decays per unit time (e.g. number per second). So to convert an integrated energy deposit into activity you need to know two things – how long did you integrate, and what is the energy per decay (which could be a wide range for beta decays).

Thank you very much for your answer
I wish to determine the in -depth yield of the concentration of a radon floor gives by the figure (table 2) .
(Table 2) with the Dettector RAD7 (Sillicium detector) whose characteristics are as follows.
When I simulate this detector with Geant4, I get the Energy Curve, the following behaviors X, Y and Z.
My concern now is that I do not manage to start the energy led by activity to find the concentration on a position Z of the detector.
So, please, I have your help to trace the concentration according to the following position Z.

Many thanks for your listening and for your help.
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soil characteristics and LOI is propanamide.