Neutron interactions: ENDF libraries and G4NDL 4.5

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I am currently simulating the interaction of fast neutrons (energy approximately 0.5 MeV to 15 MeV) in different materials such as Aluminium, Copper, Iron, Paraffin,…
In my physics list, I am using the high precision neutron package (G4NeutronHP). The Geant4 version is 10.5. The neutron data comes from the G4NDL4.5 data files.
My question is now: Which ENDF libraries are “used” for these data files? I am asking because I noticed that for iron, the neutron interaction cross sections listed in different libraries can differ significantly (see attached plot for the isotope Fe-57. The plot shows the total cross section as a function of neutron energy retrieved from 4 different libraries). Also, I would like to know if and how I can use other ENDF libraries as data files for Geant4?
A last question: For some isotopes, the ENDF libraries contain uncertainties on the stored quantities such as the cross section. Are these uncertainties considered in Geant4?

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I managed to use different ENDF libraries such as ENDF B-VIII.0 . However I am still wondering about the treatment of uncertainties on the cross section etc given in the libraries. Does anyone know more about this? Thanks in advance!