New! Need assistance in testing of different materials for shielding

Good Day everyone! I’m currently a new GEANT4 user and would like some assistance. I’m interested in radiation shielding, the testing of various composite materials against different sources. Is there are example which would cater for my needs and also would I have to build scratch to investigate?

I believe that example b4 looks at energy deposition in a material and shows multiple ways to score

This example simulates a simple Sampling Calorimeter setup.
To demonstrate several possible ways of data scoring, the example
is provided in four variants: B4a, B4b, B4c, B4d.

You don’t have to build from scratch, but you’ll have to understand how the Geant4 toolkit works at a basic level, as well as at a minimum an intro level of C++ syntax to be able to modify an example such as B4 to fit your needs.

Thanks for responding and clearing up my confusing. I just downloaded the book for application developers from a link in another post. I have one more question if that’s alright, TestEM3 as oppose to the B4 examples, they both showed to be somewhat similar to me. Which one would you say would be more ideal to use?

Dear @S-Dookhan

I would stick to B4 and in general to any non Test* example. The reason is that Test* are use for testing Geant4 for unexpected behaviour during development and their aim is not to be pedagogical and illustrate the different features of the toolkit.

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