Ni64(p,n)Cu64 Cross Sections

Hi, Geant4 users,
I want to simulate Ni64(p,n)Cu64 recation based on STCycltron example.
The target’s thickness was set to 5 um.
Proton’s energy was set from 2MeV to 30 MeV. I compare the cross section result with data from IAEA and talys websit,
The result seems to be wrong.
Hope get your help! Thanks

Here a macro for example Hadr03 and its printout.
I used QGSP_BIC as Hadron Inelastic Physics constructor (see
As you can see, cross section for (p,n) channel can be calculated : 0.958 * 729.47 = ~700 mb
wang.mac.txt (261 Bytes)
wang.out.txt (1.8 KB)

There is no Cu64 in the G4TENDL proton database (its natural abundance is 0), so you will get no interaction with AllHP

Hi, I’m confused with TENDL and G4TENDL. TENDL is from Talys, and it seems more comprehensive .It seems they are different is some place between them. How can I employ TENDL while not G4TENDL.

Thanks. Hope G4TENDL will update the proton’s cross section

You need to transform the TENDL format into the Geant4 one. Emilio Mendoza is on hcarge of this.