No Cerenkov light generated (G4 v11.01 windows)

Hello, I’m new to Geant4 and I’ve been working on a plastic scintillator simulation on mac on version 11.0. I could generate Cerenkov light as well as scintillation light within the scintillator but I recently tried the exact same code with version 11.01 on windows, and no Cerenkov light could be generated whatsoever (scintillation light could be generated). Even thought I’m interested in scintillation light, I would like to know what is causing this in version 11.01.

Thank you in advance,

Hello! I’m new to Geant4 too. I had a problem with generating Cerenkov light cone in radiator made from aerogel. I had written material property vector (to add indexes of refraction for photons of different energies) with decreasing energies. When I changed order of components of this property vector all started to work.

Thank you for your reply. I’m guessing the issue is related to geant4 version 11.01 on windows because both codes on mac and windows are the same. It worked fine on macOS with G4 v11.0 but not on windows with G4 v11.01.