No gamma produced in Th 228 decay (/rdecay01 example)

Hi everyone !
_Geant4 Version:_10.7.4

I am using examples/extended/radioactivity/rdecay01 to obtain the gamma spectrum of only Th 228 (not subsequent decays).
I set the GPS ion as the ground state of Ac-228 which beta decays into Th-228.
To stop the chain at Th-228, /rdecay01/fullChain false flag is used.
I expected to see the various gammas from excitations of Th-228, however terminal output reveals there is no gamma, I can see various excited states of Th.

Can anyone please suggest why this is strange behavior and why I am not seeing any gamma connecting the excited states of Th228 although it is clear that decay is happening from the various excited states of Th 228 as evident in the output?

Basically, I am interested in simulating the decay Ac228 → Th 228[excited] → Th[0] and stopping any further decay from the ground state of Th 228, thereby getting only the gammas associated with Th 228.

Please find attached
1.) The output from the run (1000 events)
Th228.txt (6.6 KB)

2.) Macro
Th228.mac.txt (561 Bytes)

Thanks in advance !

replace the command “/rdecay01/fullChain” by “/process/had/rdm/nucleusLimits”
see attached macro :
kitu.mac.txt (262 Bytes)