No text appearing in example B1 (MacOS)

Hello all; brand new to Geant4 here. I’ve managed to install it and successfully run example B1; however, I’ve been unable to get the text or labels to appear on-screen. I’ve attached an image for clarity. I’ve seen that this is a frequent problem for macs running QT and openGL, but was wondering if a solution has been put forth. Thanks!!
Screen Shot 2020-09-15 at 9.12.47 AM|690x433

Just moving this to the Vis forum to get the best answers!

Hi Will

I have seen such behaviour in the past, but it’s OK for me on MacOS now:

(although still some issue with right adjustment of 2D text).

I think it went away when I installed a new version of Qt.

I’m on MacOS 10.15.5 and Qt 5.15.0 at the moment.

There seemed to be some interaction with X11 - I’m on XQuartz 2.7.11 (xorg-server 1.18.4). It is possible to build Geant4 with Qt but without X11, so this is one possibility for you if you don’t immediately want to upgrade Qt or MacOS:

cmake \

-DQT_QMAKE_EXECUTABLE=~/Qt/5.15.0/clang_64/bin/qmake \
-DCMAKE_PREFIX_PATH=~/Qt/5.15.0/clang_64 \

-G Xcode \

(You don’t have to use Xcode, but it’s a nice SDK.)


Thanks for the in depth response; the curious thing is that I’m running virtually the exact specs as you (the only difference being that I’m on MacOS 10.15.6. I’m going to reinstall QT just to make sure I an up to date version (I’m very nearly sure that I did).