No x-ray production < 100 keV


I have a code set up to convert electrons to x-rays via interactions with a tantalum target. This code works perfectly with electrons 100 keV and above, but no x-rays are output for electron energy lower than this. I have tried G4Penelope, FTFP_BERT and StandardEmOpt1 physics lists separately and in combination but this issue as of yet remains.

I have also activated deexcitation via macro commands, but this has not helped x-ray production at these energies.

Any advice on how to solve this would be appreciated!

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Here, a macro for example TestEm0 and its printout.
As you can see, for e- (10 keV) in Tantalum, and with production cut at 10 um, the Brems cross section is ~234 barn
laura.mac.txt (302 Bytes)
laura.out.txt (2.7 KB)

ahhh thank you so much - implementing the cut has fixed the issue! I did not think to look through the macro files, thank you for the help :slight_smile:

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