Non Ionizing Energy Loss for Electrons


I was wondering about the following problem.
I have a silicon volume and I am interested in Non-Ionizing energy loss when illuminating with the beam of electrons. I would like to look at the recoil of Silicon atoms So far when using various predefined EMZ physics lists (QGSP_BIC_HP_EMZ,…) I cannot see any recoil of Silicon atoms (when looking at the beam of protons and neutrons, I see recoils).

In real life, we however see permanent damage on Silicon when illuminated with beam of electrons.
Now I guess that this is because electron by itself has too low probability to interact with the nucleus, but when many electrons are shot simulaniously, the sudden change in the electromagnetic field of the silicon results in the atoms of silicon being knocked out. Is this something that is possible to simulate in Geant4?

Thank you so much for your answers!


You may vary cut in range on proton, for example, set it to zero in order to see all recoils. This cut is used for all recoil recoils.

You may also to try to see the effect if will use G4EmStandardPhysicsSS. In that case multiple scattering will be fully substituted by single scattering. It is time consuming.


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