Not able to change in the Extended/persistency/gdml/G01, why?

I am also trying to do this, for changing the example from particle gun to GPS.

  1. i am changing /Examples/Extended/persistency/gdml/G01. this i am trying to change particle gun to GPS.

3.But the problem is when i put primary.mac file (that is used in example/advanced/radio-protection…for the GCR spectra) it is not compiling also not giving any error.

4.To implement this (primary.mac), i am also giving the command in the vis.mac file of G01 example and also changed some commands of particle gun to GPS in and and also in the header files.

  1. Though it is not giving me any error but when i compile this after that in the build directly i can see in the vis.mac file the command (/control/execute primary.mac…that is given to execute primary.mac file) becomes # /control/execute primary.mac.

  2. also in the build directly the files that i put outside the build directory it is not in the build directory.
    why it is so, why i am not able to throw the GCR spectra in this example?
    can you please help me to solve this problem. it will be very helpful.
    Thanks in advance !