Nuclear waste transmutation

_Geant4 Version:_geant4-11.1
_Operating System:_macOS

—Hello dear Geant4 users,

I trying to simulate nuclear waste transmutation using Americium, Uranium as a booster and beryllium as a reflector.
The geometry was already obtained but to link geant4 and root is not possible. Anyone with the codes for this simulation can help me to correct mine because I am not sure if the problem is within the the geometry construction or physics I used so far

Dear Igisuma,
Can you please eloborate that where you stuck.

Do you want to say that you have geometry code but your are not able to link it with Geant4 and ROOT.

Please provide some more details.

Yes I have geometry but I can’t link it with Geant4 and root

These are codes am using my be if some one can see what wrong can help

I don’t know where to change and get the results

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