Number of bins hardcoded to 1024 in user defined histogram in GPS

when I tried loading histogram with 10000 bins to GPS I got a warning that “Maxbin>1024 Setting maxbin to 1024, other bins are lost”. I temporarily changed every occurrence of “1024” to “16384” in source/event/src and recompiled Geant4 to make it work. That’s a band-aid fix though - it will only work on my computer. Is there a reason why spectrum bin arrays cannot be dynamically allocated in Geant4 source code?

Also, the current way of loading user histograms is awkward as I need to prepend every line in my data file with “/gps/hist/point” and load it as a macro file. Maybe it would make more sense to have something like “/gps/hist/csv” which accepts spectrum data file?




Currently I use /gps/hist/file histogram.txt in my macro which works fine without the need to prepend every line in my data file.
Unfortunately, I can’t answer your question about the hard-coded maximum number of bins for a histogram.