On the use of SRIM stopping powers for ions

Hello everyone,
I want to use SRIM stopping powers for simulation of Li ions.
I have found out that ICRU model provided stopping powers differ by a significant amount when compared to SRIM values. Is there any way to incorporate SRIM stopping powers in my calculations?
I have seen, that SRIM parametrisations were included in G4hLowEnergyIonisation class, however, in the 10.7 version of GEANT4 such class is gone. I tried using G4AtimaEnergyLossModel class, which should use SRIM parametrisation for energies below 10 MeV/u, however, in the region of interest (2.7 MeV Li ions), the stopping power is about ~13 eV/A lower than SRIM values. On the other hand, when using G4IonParametrisedLossModel, which uses ICRU data, the stopping power is by ~13 eV/A higher than SRIM values. Is there a simple way to include SRIM stopping powers in my simulations? The considered energies are in the range of 3 MeV to 100 keV.
I was thinking of using a modified G4IonParametrisedLossModel class to add different dedx table in function AddDEDXTable(…), but G4IonStoppingData class uses G4LEDATA path, so this class would need to be modified also.

Hope I described my problem clearly.
Danielius Lingis.

For anyone having the same issue:
I managed to force GEANT to use SRIM stopping powers by this method:
1a) Create an external dedx table by using G4ExtDEDXTable class,
1b) Add physics vectors of stopping power data with function AddPhysicsVector(yourphysvect,ionZ, “element”,matZ);
1c) Build physics vectors.
2) I used a modified G4IonParametrisedLossModel class to set the maximum energy to 4 MeV.
3) Use a removeDEDX function to clear the dedx table of ICRU data and addDEDX function to add your stopping data

If there’s an easier way, please don’t hesitate to inform me.
Danielius Lingis.


you may try out to use custom table for dEdx. The interface is there but not used frequently, so you need to spend some efforts on validation. The problem of such approach: if you are using a custom table in some interval of energies, what will happens outside this interval?


Dear VI,
if I understand correctly, above my defined energy range the G4IonParametrisedLossModel class would use BetheBloch model.