Optical photons not traveling through boundary

I am trying to implement scintillation, but I cannot get the optical photons to leave the volume in which they are created. My understanding is that optical surfaces are not needed as long as all materials have had their rindex specified, but the photons either get reflected or stop entirely at the boundary of my scintillator.
Running /process/optical/boundary/verbose 2 shows that every photon that hits a boundary and is not reflected has an interaction length of 1.79769e+307 cm, and the message at the end says StepTooSmall

Is there something else I need to specify? I have abslength, rindex, scintillation properties.

Hi there, I am having a similar problem; optical photons are not traveling through the boundary I built either. I also have defined the absorption length, index of refraction, and scintillation properties. Were you able to solve the problem?

I have not managed to solve it yet. I have tried adding more properties, ie relfectance and transmittance, and adding LogicalSkinSurface to the scintillator, but I still do not see optical photons leave their origin volume.

I have an example of working scintillation, but it’s quite involved so pinning down the difference that is causing my issue is difficult. Is there a minimal working example of scintillation floating around somewhere?

I just got mine to work. My problem seemed to be that I assigned units to the values for the indices of refraction (which is dimensionless), which for some reason did not give me an error message at any point. It is possible that my problem could be different from yours, but either way, good luck fixing your problem.

That doesn’t appear to be my issue. I’m still trying to dig into the optical example and determine what it is that’s different from my code. I’m not sure what the minimum amount of info geant needs to propagate optical photons.

The problem actually seems to be that the optical photons don’t propagate at all in volumes that aren’t the scintillator. Trying to spawn them via gps in in other components they are created and killed immediately- I have refractive indices specified for everything, so I’m not sure what’s happening.

I have solved the issue, I did not specify enough values of the refractive index. I had only 3 energies and indices for testing, upon adding the full table photons made it through the boundary.