Outside of fGeomBoundary!

Hi everybody,
I don’t understand the (GetStepStatus() > fGeomBoundary) condition in the “else” part of this piece of code in TestEm14 example:

G4bool transmit = (endPoint->GetStepStatus() <= fGeomBoundary);
if (transmit) {
run->CountProcesses(procName); }
else {
// count real processes and sum track length
G4double stepLength = aStep->GetStepLength();
run->SumTrack(stepLength); }

Thank you for your help.

It is not clear what you don’t understand. It is the way that “transmit” is coded or what is done under “else” ?
In the later case, see Readme : $4- Physics.
For “transmit” , StepStatus is an enumeration. See Geant4/source/track/include/G4StepStatus.hh

Oh, I got it. It is solved.
Thank you for your respond.