Pa233 decay - unexpected high population of the 298.81 keV level of U233

Beta decay from Pa233 to U233 298.81 keV excited level have a relative intensity of 0.058962, directly from geant’s RadioactiveDecay5.2/z91.a233. From there 2 gamma are emitted of energies: 298.91 and 258.45 keV. Performing a simulation with geant4 10.04.02 results in many more gammas of these energies then expected, as can be seen for the 298.91 in figure.

I tried to set the relative intensity of this beta decay to zero in RadioactiveDecay5.2/z91.a233 but the uranium exited level is populated anyway. In experimental data such peaks have the correct intensities.
Any idea what’s going on?
Thank you.


sorry for late answer, please, check new version Geant4 10.6.



See my answer in this post:

Thank you