Physic list for 1 micrometer silicon detector

Hello everyone . I have done my simulation but i am not sure about the physics list which I used I wonder if any body can help me …
my geometry is 10010060 micro meter silicon detector, which I pixelated it into 1*1 um in x and y direction. I started with B1 example,with 100 Mev proton sources, which is 1 mm outside of detector, and my output is energy deposited in each pixel of detector. in physics list I used these :

#include <G4EmStandardPhysics.hh>
#include <G4DecayPhysics.hh>
#include <G4ProductionCutsTable.hh>
#include <G4SystemOfUnits.hh>
#include <G4EmLivermorePhysics.hh>
#include <G4EmExtraPhysics.hh>
#include <G4HadronPhysicsFTFP_BERT.hh>
#include <G4HadronElasticPhysics.hh>

do anybody think it is correct or should use the physics list in microelectronic example ?

thanks alot

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The sizes of your pixels are extremely small (micrometer sized) and probably here to use Track Structure physics models would help. I would encourage you to try to use Microelectronics physics list to describe particle interactions. You may do some tests, using the physics list of the microelectronic example and G4EMStandard option4 physics list and see the difference in the results. This would be a very useful exercise.
To note and to check. I am not sure if the physics models for protons arrive up to 100 MeV.

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From your post it is unclear how you make your physics list, likely it is kind of custom.

For your application you may try to use QGSP_BIC_EMZ reference physics list if you are using G4PhysListFactory or if you build custom physics from components than try out G4EmPhysics_option4.