Physic lists combination in dynamic region

Assume I have a large voxel dataset (G4PVReplica+G4PVReplica+G4PVParametrized) and want to bias PhysicsList (as in examples/extended/hadronic/Hadr08 of g4.10.6 release) e. g. in HP for < 10 MeV neutrons, INCLXX+Abla for neutrons > 10 MeV.
How can I do this safely (in threads) assuming I want to switch physics e.g. after N layers of Z-direction voxel cube (N is a-priori known at app start)?
Initial source is phase space (e.g. IAEA compatible).


it is not possible to have hadronic physics per region in a simple way but if this is strongly needed a complicate solution may be proposed.